‘Live to Dance’: 17 of 18 semifinalists announced

Janell is back to recap Live to Dance and reminisce about Newsies. Newsies!:

Remember last night, when dance groups of various sizes, ages, and styles performed for 3 experts? And we were told repeatedly that 2 or more gold stars was a good thing? Yeah, that was just so the experts didn’t have to crush quite so many dreams in person.

I don’t know how many groups passed the gold star test, but the judges are narrowing the field down to 18 acts to perform live in the semi-finals. They can’t make this important decision inside the Dance Dome, because Andrew is in there taking down the judges’ Table of Judgment. Instead, they go to some fancy house with a decorative stack of books on the floor and they watch tv and debate. I tried taking notes on the debate, but we were shown clips of so many acts we didn’t see last night that it’s kind of pointless. So I’ll cut straight to the good news: Twitch (starring: Anthony!) is a definite yes. Beyond Gold, the former Solid Gold dancers, didn’t have enough performance value and they’re cut. Not in person, of course. That would be rude. Paula throws out that they had their moment to shine during the audition, so they should be happy with that.

Random debate, random debate, and suddenly they’ve chosen 16 acts. There are 2 slots open, but 4 acts left, and the poor judges can’t decide. Paula gets the crazy idea that they should have a dance off, and the judges will choose one act, and then America can vote on the last act to get to the semi-finals.

Source: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/realitycheck/blog/2011/01/live_to_dance_17_of_18_semifinalists_announced.html

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