Vintage 365: 1922 Standard Plumbing ad bursts with heartwarming charm

? Day 24 of Vintage 365 ?


One of my favourite themes when it comes to vintage ads are immensely lovely domestic scenes – you know the ones that look as though they could have been plucked from the "to paint" file of Norman Rockwell. Life rarely mimics the idealistic world portrayed by such yesteryear advertisements, yet somehow that only makes me love them more. There’s something almost magical about the notion of having a house and family with which such moments of perfect homespun happiness were possible.

This wonderfully charming Standard Plumping ad from 1922 (which comes via Captain Geoffrey Spaulding’s Flickr stream) simply stole my heart. From the matching pink dresses mother and daughter are sporting, to the incredibly cute miniature toy sink (does anyone know if such teeny-tiny sinks were really manufactured?) this simple scene of time-honoured home life can’t help but make you smile and yearn for a 1920s kitchen so that you can wash dishes alongside your adorable, bob haired daughter.


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