‘Live to Dance’ finale: And the winner is …



Janell reports on last night’s Live to Dance finale. Strike a pose:

Welcome to the finale of Live to Dance! Actually, technically, the finale was last week, and this is just the results show. Soon, probably in about 58 minutes, America’s Favorite Dance Act (as determined by the 2,753 People of America who voted) will be named and awarded $500,000.

Since this is the end of our journey together, let’s take a moment and reflect. Ponder, even. I remember lo those many weeks ago when Paula Abdul made people chant her name and dance to her songs while she and a Newsies cast member and woman with sideways hair pushed buttons that made “ding!” sounds. It was a fair and accurate representation of the diversity of dance groups across America (or within a short driving distance of Los Angeles and New York), including the old but not feeble, the young but not unskilled, the many shades of mediocre, plus a bonus smattering of shirtless men. I couldn’t wait for this show to change the world. Unfortunately, unless the current Snowpocalypse can be directly linked to this show, I am still waiting. I will end this meandering paragraph with a few lessons I have learned: 1) Always include proper punctuation in the name of your dance crew; 2) More is less, except when it is enough; 3) Pandering will get you approximately halfway; and 4) I have a healthy appreciation of shirtless men. Now let’s jump in, shall we?

Source: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/realitycheck/blog/2011/02/live_to_dance_finale_and_the_winner_is.html

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