observing obi for trim

Traditionally a obi is a sash worn with a kimono or with the uniforms used by practitioners of Japanese martial arts but I recently thought, “why not use them for a home decor project”. As I was pursuing an obi on Ebay I realized that for the money and the impact that these would be a great option to trim home decor items such as drapes, tablecloths and some upholstery pieces. The men’s obi also known as a kaku-obi is usually about 12 feet long by 3 inches wide and combined with the fact that I just won an obi on Ebay for .o1 (plus shipping) I am thinking that there will be some project I can use it for.
Really great trim can usually cost a pretty penny. In fact I think for a standard wide-band greek key trim it will run a minimum of about $10 a yard…which adds up fast.
Anyway I will let you know how it goes with my new kaku-obi. All of the above images are from Ebay. I just plugged in kaku obi and obi into the search engine in case you are interested.
The above drapes are from Grant Gibson’s place as seen in the the The New York Times.

Source: http://vivafullhouse.blogspot.com/2011/02/observing-obi-for-trim.html

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