‘American Idol’ recap: It’s a gas gas gas


I missed the very beginning of American Idol again, but came in on a girl stalking away from auditions, crying and lamenting how she was going to tell her mother that she didn’t make it. Cameraperson pointedly asks if she has a message for the judges, and she says, "Just because somebody farts, let ’em finish singing, OK?" That can’t be real. Right?

Anyway, it’s still more auditions, this time in San Francisco. 

Inessa Lee is from the Ukraine and is here to get famous. She says she has a bunch of music videos out (on YouTube), including shower scenes and her own awesome choreography (with a clip from YouTube showing some not so awesome choreography). After showing the judges some bellydancing/yoga moves, she sings. It’s not great. Steven Tyler wanted her to be great, but her pitch and melody "were all over the place." Jennifer Lopez loves her young spirit. It’s a no, even though she is cute. She tells them they will see her soon.

Brittany Mazur is our first example of "talent really taking off," but she sounds wavery to me. She kicks off a montage of yeses that also includes Lara Johnston and Matthew Nuss,.

Stefano Langone has the evening’s first sob story. He was in an accident that he was lucky to survive. He is covered with scars and says he was told he probably wouldn’t walk, but he "got on my feet in less than four months." He sings "Heard it Through the Grapevine" and he is good, confident and loud. Not a bad combo. Randy liked his "hood" enunciation and his strong voice. J.Lo likes his star quality and movie-star good looks and a nice tone. Steven says he survived the accident for a reason, which is going to Hollywood.

Source: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/realitycheck/blog/2011/02/american_idol_recap_its_a_gas_gas_gas.html

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