Pull up a vintage chair print

? Day 122 of Vintage 365 ?


Chairs are having a moment. Not, of course, that this most practical – and sometimes breath-takingly attractive – of household mainstays has ever dwindled in popularity since its invention eons ago.

However, this time around, actual three dimensional chairs are not in the spotlight nearly as much as images depicting them are. From scrapbook supplies to greeting cards, I’ve been seeing images of chairs sprout up all over the place lately.

Amongst the loveliest depictions of chairs that I’ve encountered recently, the trio of immensely pretty vintage looking prints below has to be one of my favourites.


Thanks to the finely etched details they possess, these three prints have the look – and elegance – of vintage bookplates, and each one is printed on antiqued parchment to help give it an even more authentic yesteryear feel.

Sandwiched between two panes of clear glass, these immensely charming prints (which come complete with softly hued, gently distressed fir wood frames) are able to blend seamlessly against an array of wall colours.

Measuring in at 10" wide by 13 inches high, these prints are noticeable, but not so large as to engulf the better part of a wall. You could hang them together for a gorgeous, tastefully arranged clustering of artwork, or split them up around a room – or house – to add a dose of whimsical vintage beauty to any corner of your house.

I love the muted, gentle colours of these chic chair prints, which hail from Pottery Barn (the set of three is currently on sale for $49.99) and call to mind graceful parlours and sitting rooms of the past.

Long after the present craze for items sporting images of vintage seats has passed, these richly beautiful prints will remain every bit as timeless and beguilingly pretty as they are today, getting ever more wonderful with time.

Source: http://www.chronicallyvintage.com/2011/05/pull-up-vintage-chair-print.html

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