CB2 Opening Party in Georgetown

Last night I attended the opening party for the new CB2 that just opened in Georgetown. I can’t tell you how excited I am that a CB2 opened here considering there are only nine CB2 stores!  I love CB2. I’m constantly on the site dreaming of the furniture I want for my new place. I picked some of my favorite pieces below. I know, white white white.

1. odyssey table (my turquoise dining room could really use this table!) / 2. paint palette pillow / 3. lumi candleholders (with pink candles) / 4. peekaboo clear coffee table / 5. beaker glass pitcher / 6. modern dinnerware / 7. format tray (so many places for this) / 8. fresca white console table (perfect for my entry) / 9. cuatro platters / 10. gallery frames / 11. rayon bamboo channel bath towels / 12. party people glass markers (these are so cute & perfect for a party) 

So many more items I love but then I’d be putting the entire store on here! I snapped some shots below at the party, which was so much fun! The place was completely full and they had great wine, champagne, and wonderful catering! Thanks for the fun night CB2!

*Images by Megan Biram for MIMI+MEG

Source: http://www.mimiandmegblog.com/2011/04/cb2-opening-party-in-georgetown.html

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