This delightful vintage French inspired paperweight really holds down the fort (and the paper!)

? Day 153 of Vintage 365 ?


There are certain items – ties, socks, pen sets – that have garnered a reputation (often quite unfairly) of being as dull as a beige paint factory. Amongst those lackluster gifts one finds paperweights, and indeed sometimes this practical  piece can veer on the dull side.

However there are also scores of downright beautiful and wonderfully unique version to found as well. One such example is the charmingly pretty white, blue and red hued vintage style Special Delivery Heart Paperweight below.

Measuring in at 4" x 4", this endearingly sweet heart (which is  made from ceramic) would look delightful when put to use for either its intended purpose (should you have a drafty office – or one, like mine, that’s prone to visits from a curious cat who loves to knock over stacks of paper! Smile ) or a decorative object on any shelf, ledge, dresser top, or other quaint spot in your home, office or studio that needs a dollop of vintage charm.


Sporting an old school motif featuring French postal system marks and iconic images (like the ever-magnificent Eifel Tower), this purposeful and timelessly lovely paperweight (which retails for $12.99 from online retailer Perpetual Kid) would make a terrific gift for yourself or anyone else you know who adores yesteryear inspired home decor (or office supplies) pieces.

I love when items like this elegant and wonderfully fun paperweight prove that just because something has a general rep of being boring, certainly does not mean that every example of said item is prosaic.

Indeed with a little searching, gorgeous examples of nearly anything – vintage or modern ? that your heart (including a heart shaped paperweight!) desires can be unearthed.


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